Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Man retrieve mate's body while shark circles

One day three mate’s went out free diving and the water wasn’t that clear but one of the three man stayed out to watch out for some sharks but then he feel asleep but when he woke up he saw blood in the water but one of them survied but then they both decied to go 24 meters down to get the body.

Before going down they called the rescue helicopter to come down but when they hanged up the phone, they took a very deep breath and dived into the water and when they just dived in the shark that attacked the man was swimming around them in circles but they still moved around and the shark was still going around in circles around both men.

When they got deeper they both needed to take a breath so they swam up quickly and took another deep breath but when they both saw the the shark they stayed very still but they were still kicking their feet so they can stay up but the when they took another breath the shark just swam away so they tyied going down again to their best buddie, and when they went down, down deep into the sea they saw the man who was attacked by the shark but when they saw him they grabed.

After grabing the buddy from the shirt they both pulled him to shore and they made it wich was a pitty becase when they got out of the water the rescue helicopter just landed the man that was just driving the helicopter said the very,very brave to dive down and save the body.

Then later after saving the body the people that just dived down to save their best mate were so happy they bought him out but when the helicopter just made it to the  hospital the car made at the same time as the helicopter did but when they took him in and put him on the bed he coughed out a lot of water then he past so the mate’s who rescued hi called up the wife and said” your husband has past” and she started crying but after all that telling I hope you liked my writing.

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