Wednesday, March 28, 2012

About Reading

Kia Orana, as you know I am a cook Islander, I am 
going to tell
you a bit about reading.
Reading is one of my favorite subjects at school’,
I think reading is the best, because when you read you’r
brain will wake up and stay awake until school is finished.

Learning to read is fun because when you start reading and you are small and still reading when you are big you’r
brain will grow bigger.
You also learn alot when you read.
Come on read, it’s fun.
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Monday, March 19, 2012


Meaning:The process in the alimentary canal
by which food is broken up physically.

Meaning:Adapting or being Adapted.
Meaning:Translocation means a change of

Meaning:The act or process of

Meaning:The quality or condition of
being sensitivity.

Meaning:The process of ingreasing
in physical size.

Meaning:The passage of gases through fine tubes because of differences in pressure or temperature.
Meaning:Vaporization: The process of becaming a vapor.
Meaning:Feeding on other animals.
Meaning:Feeding only on plants.
Meaning:A tracked or wheeled veichal
Meaning:A warm blooded vibrated animal.
Meaning:A mammal or a member.
Meaning:Indigenous to Astralia and New Guinea, althrough there
is evidence.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Family

My Family ?

Mum:Kairenga Repiao Tom
Dad:Clyde Mauri
Broher:Tupou Faingaitu Puia
Brother:Mauri Puia
Brother:Benjamin Puia
Brother:Herlihiy Puia
Sister:Purakakiiva Puia
Sister:Ngatokotoru Felicity Puia

Mums Side Of The Family

Greatgrandfather:Teokotai John William
Greatgrandmother:Haumata Tai John

Papa:Tupou TeokotaiGrandma:Purakakiiva Tai John
Brother:John William Marsters

My Mum:Kairenga Repiao Marsters

Dads Side Of The Family

Grandpa:Puia Mauri
Grandma:Ngametua Mauri
Uncle:Teari Puia
Uncle:Puia Jnr Mauri
Aunty:Ruki Ioane
Uncle:Apeau Mauri

My Dad:Clyde Mauri