Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I was exactly going to use wood for my sign but if did my writing out of paint the paint will come out smudged and it will also become runny and that’s why I changed my mind and wanted to make it out of plastic.

Bin it is a positive message because if people just throw there rubbish on the ground then that is what you call littering and if people throw there rubbish in the then that’s what call bin it.

Bin it is easy to understand because bin it has only have
two words that’s is understandable for little kids to read. I will also change my sing and put sponge bob on it with him chucking his rubbish into the bin.

I think it’s not very practical because I might not be able to get the material I want or it might be practical if I get the material I really wanted.

I think it suitable for my sign to be near the gate’s so that people see it when they walk in the school gate
and when they also walk out the gate.

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