Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Friday Picnic

In the morning we had to check if everyone had their hats on and if there were people with no hats they couldn't play.

After checking, we had to go to the hall to listen to Mr Burt. We had to listen to the two students who went up and said the pray for the earthquake that happened in Christchurch.

Long after that we had to walk down to the Pt England reserve near the beach.

While getting there we had to listen to Mr Burt talking . We also had to listen to hear what time we had to go for our swim in the sea.

While listening we had to walk to our spot where it was shady and windy.

A while later we started singing songs with Ms Tito then we started to eat our lunch.

After eating our lunch we went to play all kinds of games like softball and volleyball.

After that it was our time to swim, after that we had to get changed and go and pack our stuff to get ready to go to school. At last we got to go home for a long good night sleep.

I Had Lost of FUN...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A pray for the people in Christchurch

Dear heavenly father

May you please help look after the mother of the 5 month baby that died and may you also look after the homeless people to find a home and may you please look after the people who trapped in the buildings that has collapsed while during the earthquake.

I ask you to please help the Christchurch people keep safe and may you also help the trapped people get out safe of the collapsed buildings and I beg you please help and make sure they get a home and please also keep them self safe and may you bless all the sick people who were also in the hospital lying in there beds sleeping.

I lift my pray up to you lord to pray for the ones that are living in the park and under the trees.Thank-you so much lord I give you all my love in your beautiful name I pray AMEN.