Friday, August 24, 2012


I don’t want to leave Auckland because I’m going to miss all
my friends who I hold nearest and dearest to my heart. They mean alot to me. Friendship is one of the best things that I ever had. Maybe that's why I don't want to go. I wish I could pack them in my suitcase and take them with me.

The reason why I have chosen to write about Australia is because, well I’m going to Aussie. I wouldn’t just write about how I’m doing and what my friends are doing and guess what it’s time to write about something else.

Well as you already know I’m gonna move on September I’m going on a Wednesday and also on the 26.Well it’s very sad I’m leaving.

I’ve already told why I don’t wanna leave and I’ll tell you again, It’s because I don’t wanna leave my friends and family and I’m also living there for my whole life... It’s just SAD.

Thanks to Brooke for proof reading my work.


  1. Kia Ora Ngametua

    Wow a new adventure for you. I know what you are going through. When I left PES I felt EXACTLY the same way as you. The great news is that friendship is very precious and we are lucky enough to live in an age where it is SOOOO easy to keep in touch.

    Thanks to PES blogs, email and Facebook, I keep in touch with all my PES whanau. So, you'll be able to do the same when you are in Australia. You will make new friends in Oz (there's heaps of kiwis over there :)

    Enjoy your time with PES friends, good friends are like eyelids, you dont need to see them to know they are always there hehe I made that up but it's pretty good. Take care in Oz and say hi to everyone at PES

    Ms T

  2. Hey Miss T,
    Thanks for the feedback,
    man I wish you were here at school
    I miss you so much and yea thanks again for
    for the feedback...



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