Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kiwi on mission to save baby elephant Bona

A kiwi man from Australia zoo went to Indonesia to help a baby elephant called by the name of Bona, she was only 2 years old and no one seemed to look after her because when her parents died someone took her home and tied a rope around the tree then tied her up.

Bona the elephant was very skiney because no one seemed to feed her so she was starving but luckey the kiwi man from Austrlia by the name of Munro brang her alot of food to eat and he also brang some medication.

Hungry Bona needed 1kg of specialised powder milk a day.

When she grew stronger she went into villages to educate locals to prevent elephants being killed for running crops.

The healthy strong Bona had a future and Munro was happy he went to help and look after and feed her alot of food.

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