Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Art Alive Oscar Claude Monet

This term has been a fun term because we are learning about art alive, we have been learning about alot of artsist but most of all my favourite artist was Oscar Claude Monet. I learnt abit about his family and himself.

I will be telling you abit about Oscar and his family, Oscar was born on 1840 but then he died on 1926 his father ran a grocery buisness and he was so lucky because his morther was an Opera singer wich was actrully cool.

I also learned about some of his painting’s and they were called Impressionary painting’s and he also liked to start with dark colour’s and then he will add light colour’s and he will also do little brush strokes and he will also do some blending.

I think I am already a fan of Oscar Claude Monet which feel’s really cool and I am happy I wrote about him...

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