Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Missing New Zealand

I’m so sad because I’m leaving New Zealand, why am I sad? I’m sad because my family and I are going to Australia on September the 26th.. I don’t wanna leave this early but we have to go.. If only I had enough space in my suitcase I would take my friends with me..

I don’t wanna go because I would miss all my dearest and nearest friends... We are all close but if I leave I would break our chain and then there will be no chain because we would all be somewhere else...

The only memories I would take with me is when my friends and I played all the time,and I will never forget the time when David’s always silly. Sometimes  when he goes  overboard he would be funny but when he carry’s on he’s just dry... Cael is just a one of kind friend sometimes she funny but sometimes she not now, time for Brooke she's is just a cool friend to me but sometimes we hate each other and then on the next day we get back together..

BYE BYE New Zealand and bye to all my friends I’m gonna miss you heaps and, I’m gonna be very sad.. It's also gonna be very hard to say goodbye to all my friends, and when I leave I would forget all the people I know and I will never forget there names.. Again BYE BYE New Zealand...

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