Tuesday, February 14, 2012


If you don't know anything about cybersmart I will tell you everything I don't know about cybersmart. The first I will tell you about cybersmart is that you have a password  keep your password to yourself and never give it out to your friends or family. The second thing is don't give out interpersonal things. The other thing is when a virus shows up do not click on it because it will take up to a place you have never been. You also have to think before you post anything on Internet.

CyberSmat means think before you do something

About My Friends

Kia Ora my name I Ngametua and I am going to tell you a story about some of my friends, like my besties and here are some of their names and they are Cael, David, Brooke, Ramona, Tule and Milenny I got some more friends but I can't remember all their names. I like all my friends because when I am kind to them they treated me the same way and thats what you call respect. My friends are the best and I will say it again they are the best friends I ever had.