Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cross Country

We had cross country on the field and we stood nervously at the starting line waiting for Mr Burt to slap the claps. It was time for the big long run everyone was nervous. Mr Burt slapped the claps together and off we all went. When we got to the bottom field we all got very dirty and it was very slippery, it was very fun because my shoes kept on getting stuck in the mud. I know you might find that unusual, but I found this quite funny.

My house colour was the blue team that team was called Tainui. We had lots student in cross country.I was kind of nervous and thought I was going to come last but I didn’t. Tainui had to make up a chant and each of our teams had to have captains. Our captains were Toko and Selina .

Me and my friends had so much fun together. My captains were very funny and hilarious, they are the best captains in the world. One day I will be a house leader and there is a message the house leaders don’t need to be sporty people they can be people who are not sporty as swell.

When I  came to the finish line I felt very happy, because during the race I was very exhausted. When I made it I said at LAST! I'm done. To be honest I'm happy, that I know I can run a 2 k track. Horaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

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