Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Family

My Family ?

Mum:Kairenga Repiao Tom
Dad:Clyde Mauri
Broher:Tupou Faingaitu Puia
Brother:Mauri Puia
Brother:Benjamin Puia
Brother:Herlihiy Puia
Sister:Purakakiiva Puia
Sister:Ngatokotoru Felicity Puia

Mums Side Of The Family

Greatgrandfather:Teokotai John William
Greatgrandmother:Haumata Tai John

Papa:Tupou TeokotaiGrandma:Purakakiiva Tai John
Brother:John William Marsters

My Mum:Kairenga Repiao Marsters

Dads Side Of The Family

Grandpa:Puia Mauri
Grandma:Ngametua Mauri
Uncle:Teari Puia
Uncle:Puia Jnr Mauri
Aunty:Ruki Ioane
Uncle:Apeau Mauri

My Dad:Clyde Mauri 

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  1. Good work Ngametua! Your Mum and I have enjoyed looking through your blog!

    Miss Brown


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