Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reflections on Netbook.

What I like about having a Netbook is we don’t need to use a book and a pencil and it is also easy to look up for information and more quicker as well and we also have 6 computers in our class and when we need them we have to share but since we got Netbooks it saved our lifes.

When we had a meeting to take our Netbook’s home we were all so excited and when I took mine home my family wanted to play on it but I said no and I said that my muum was the ony one that is allowed to play on it, and when my dad asked me to give him a turn I you have to ask nicely so he did and I gave him a turn on it and he was so happy.

After that when my dad was finished he gave it back flat so I had to charge my Netbook and  when it was morning we had to bring it back to school and so we can put all our work into it and when school always finishes we had to take them home and you know what I was a new student that day I got my Netbook.

I am so happy we have Netbooks at Pt England School and also Pt England School was the first school to get Netbooks and I am so happy we got netbooks and a well thanks to Neven and Mrs Burt.

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