Thursday, June 16, 2011

science roadshow

On Thursday 9th of June we went down to Tamiki Collage to go for
the science roadshow and our leader's name was Awhina and the people in her group was Ngaina,
Junior,Tui and me.

When we got there we had to go and sit down on chairs and they were chemicals and I like the part
that was the one they put the lotto paper in the chemical and then when they burnt it
it dried up and they did another one and that one made a hole in that plastic glass.

My favourite exhibit was the one that had the skeleton because when you on the light
the skeleton is there but when you of the light the skeleton escapes and that’s why I like
that exhibit.

How I felt about the science show was I felt very happy and I also felt
excited and I liked it when Awhina got the little prize and when Victoria
and Miracle were the volunteers for our class.

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